Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Lovin'

I love Thursdays! Yes, there is only one more workday until the weekend arrives, but that is not the only reason. After work, I spend a couple of hours with some amazingly stong and imporant women in my life and I get a fantastic workout to boot! First, an hour on the Pilates Reformer followed by 75 minutes of hot yoga. I am not a yoga lover, but I started taking hot yoga a few weeks ago and fell in love with this practice. Posing, stretching, contorting my body in a room heated to 100+ degrees, sounds awful right? That's what I thought too until I tried it. I have never sweated so much in a workout before and afterwards I feel amazing; stronger, longer, calmer.
I'm not workin' for the weekend, I'm workin' for Thursdays!
Today's look:
Dress (that I wish was a smidge longer) - New York & Company
Necklace - Lia Sophia
Wedge sandals - Charlotte Russe


  1. I LOVE Thurdays also!! Did you get your Sex and the City shoe? Apparently, I'm a Samantha. Well, at least according to Shoe Dazzle. In real life, I think I'm more of a Carrie. Still, my shoe is awesome! It will make me about 5" taller :)

  2. Beth - Thank you for the alert! I just checked my in-box and I'm a Carrie! Your shoes are hot too. Oh deer, if they arrive before next Friday I may have to rethink my outfit.

  3. I love your style.