Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do Not Adjust your Monitor

Yes, you are seeing correctly. I am wearing jeans and flats to work. No, I did not oversleep or fall and hit my head. My wardrobe choices today were pre-conceived. The last several days, I have been inventorying lab samples getting ready to send them for analyses. I have not been appropriately dressed for this task. Again today I will be walking across campus several times between our short-term and long-term storage freezers, sorting hundreds of tubes - comfort and mobility were key. I don't really like wearing flats, I feel as if I lose any authority I have when not in heels. Back to heels tomorrow.

The outfit:

Sweater Jacket - New York & Company
Beaded tank, leopard print flats and beaded bracelet - Old Navy
Trouser jeans - Ann Taylor Loft

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