Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pencil skirt and bright top

If I had to choose a uniform, a pencil skirt and T-shirt would be it. It is comfortable, yet classy. Of course, the only way to wear a pencil skirt is with a great pair of heels. I originally thought about going with plain black heels, but thought I would spice up the "solids" with a print on my feet.

The outfit:
Pink T-shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Black skirt - Express
Belt and 2 beaded cuff bracelets - New York & Company
Zebra print heels - Steve Madden


  1. I agree, I love a pencil skirt...could probably wear one every day if I had to!

  2. very nice...love how you paired it with zebra print heels

  3. Yo ulook great, love the Zebra shoes. You always look very nice!!!


  4. Impressed with your choice.!! I just love your style. The color combo of the pencil skirt and the top is incredible.