Monday, March 30, 2009

On Safari...

Don't I wish! Instead I am attending an all-day seminar today, so comfort was in order. I took another stab at pattern mixing today (skirt and belt). I think it "goes" well, since the width of the belt is not that large and the black and white in the belt mimic the colors in the skirt.

I like this jacket in theory. The bottom of the jacket hits me at the top of my hips, yet in the picture it makes me look short-waisted.

Safari jacket - Old Navy
Belt - Target
Skirt - New York & Company
Slingback heels - Jessica Simpson
Necklace - Old Navy??


  1. That skirt is so pretty and I agree with you on the jacket. Maybe it'd look different with pants/jeans?

  2. I really like this look. Maybe the jacket looks a little short, but I wouldn't have noticed it you wouldn't have pointed it out.

    I agree - try with jeans!