Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Changed my mind

My husband saw me in this outfit this morning and said, "Hey, didn't you just have pants and a green top on?". "Yep, but I didn't like it, so I changed." That was followed by him rolling his eyes. Since he wears a polo shirt and shorts to work everyday, he just doesn't understand.
Fall temperatures snuck up so quickly that I haven't had time to pull out my fall/winter clothes. I will try to make it through the week by layering pieces from my spring/summer wardrobe. Since my jackets occupy their own closet year rnoud, I might be relying on them all week. Looks like I have something to keep me busy this weekend.

The outfit:
Brocade jacket and cami - Ann Taylor Loft
Turquiose pencil skirt and necklace - New York & Company
Argyle tights - Target
Heels - Jessica Simpson

A little something extra, since I "pose the same way everyday." Can you guess who the critic is?


  1. love the brocade jacket and funky tights! great pop of color with the skirt too.

  2. Love the tights and the bright color of the skirt! Very sleek, sexy, and interesting.