Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oakley Snob

Some women covet purses or shoes from one particular designer/brand. I covet Oakley eyewear. My obsession started almost 15 years ago with my first pair of Oakley sunglasses (gold E-wire frames, seriously badass). Some may think that $140+ for a pair of sunglasses is over the top, but those sunglasses lasted 10 years. I currently own two pairs of Oakley sunglasses (1 pair custom designed by me). When I had to purchase new eyewear, I headed straight for the Oakley frames. What do you think of my new facial accessory?The outfit: Silver jacket - Ann Taylor Loft; pencil skirt - Apt. 9, shoes - Naughty Monkey, eyewear - Oakley; watch New York & Co.

p.s. Pardon the crooked picture, my 6 year old snapped it today. Hey, at least he got my entire body in the frame.

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