Thursday, July 2, 2009

Polka-dot Princess

I actually think that I am too old to be a "princess", but I liked the alliteration. The fabulous Kimberly created another inspiration calendar for the month of July. Honestly, I do not know how she has the time. I can barely keep up with this blog.
Anyway, today's outfit was patterned top with a black skirt. Prior to seeing her calendar, I had today's outfit planned when these shoes arrived in the mail last Saturday. I couldn't resist pairing two polka-dot patterns. I love polka-dots. I need to post a detailed picture of the shoes. They have little blue polka-dots and bow across the top of the foot. They are too cute!
The outfit:
Polka-dot top - Newport News
Black cami (underneath) - The Limited
Black pencil skirt and belt - Apt. 9
Polka-dot heels - Zinc via DSW


  1. love the top....very cute shoes

  2. A) You are never too old to be a princess!
    B) Love the mix of polka dots and those shoes look super fierce!
    C) I don't have children which frees up a lot of time for things such as blogging!