Monday, July 13, 2009

Your slip is showing...

It never fails, whenever I wear this skirt someone stops me to tell me that my slip is showing. As I was pumping gas this morning, the woman at the pump next to me felt the need to tell me that I was exposing my undergarments. I (try to) politely tell the well-intentioned that it is actually the hem of the skirt. Hello? Ever heard of a feminine detail? Wow! I am critical today. Most likely because it is Monday.
The outfit:
Slip, I mean skirt - Ann Taylor
Patterned T - Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace and slide - gifted
Turquiose heels - Carlos Santana


  1. haha! i might have been one of few who would have guessed it was part of the skirt! i think it's gorgeous!

  2. It would have never crossed my mind to think that your slip is showing!! What a super cute skirt (and outfit). Love those shoes!

  3. I am a 'dress girl' myself and love your dressing style. My closet is probably 80% tops and skirts. I wear pants as little as possible.

  4. LOL. Does anyone even own a slip anymore?