Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not the norm

I think cerulean is my color choice for the week, I truly love it. This skirt is not something that I would normally purchase, but I was drawn to the unique print and the price. $1.98 new stock at Goodwill. There is a flaw at the hem, the cream at the bottom is not uniform all the way around. I did not notice until after I had washed it. For a $1.98, who cares? I think I will shorten it and embellish the hem.

The outfit:
Wrap top - Old Navy
Cream tank - Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt - new stock at Goodwill
Wedge heels - Charlotte Russe
Necklace - Target
Cuff bracelet - Forever 21


  1. Love, love the skirt!! Definitely worth the 1.98 and possibly a little work on the hem!

  2. Cute skirt...even better once you fix the hem