Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Casual Friday 01/16/2009

Sorry Friday's post is late. I was busy this weekend painting my kitchen cabinets that I did not get to posting pics until today. This is about as casual as it gets for me in the office. I don't really subscribe to the "Casual Friday" trend. Who came up with this anyway? Why should we dress differently because the weekend is only a few hours away? In my office, some people see Casual Friday as a way to showcase their Birkenstock and Croc collections. Come on people, we work in an office, not at an ashram! Save your ultra-comfortable and ultra-ugly shoes for gardening.

Today's wardrobe was chosen purely for comfort. I knew that I would be shuttling between buildings today and since it was -6 when I woke up this morning, I needed warmth.
Ruffled, button-down shirt - Bitten
Cable knit sweater - Old Navy
Black slacks - New York and Company
Silver beaded necklace - Tiffany & Co. (gifted)
Black booties - Payless

P.S. I have received a request for close-up shots of my shoes. Look for those pics starting Tuesday.

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