Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rare Occurrence

I am wearing slacks today. I usually wear skirts and dresses to work, not because I don't like slacks, I just like high heel shoes more! With heels on, I stand over 6' tall. Finding pants I like and can wear with heels without looking like I am waiting for a flood is a challenge.
I love this jacket! I bought it several years ago while I was pregnant, hoping it would fit post-partum. Now it is starting to feel too big. There are many colors woven throughout, so I can wear different colored tops underneath (I prefer this coral tank). Even so, I have a hard time matching it with a bottom piece. Mostly I pair it with denim and chocolate brown. Does anyone have other pairing suggestions?

Jacket - M.D.L. New York (found at SteinMart)
Coral shell - MixIt
Brown slacks - The Limited
Brown heels - Isaac Mizrahi
Gold and triple diamond necklace (same as yesterday) - gifted


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  2. I like it with the chocolate brown. The dark color of the pants balances out the brightness of the jacket


    P.S. It is weird seeing you in pants!! Wait, that sounds bad :)