Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Identical Shirts

My sister received the same multi-colored tank for Christmas. I tend not to buy things that friends and family already own after an unfortunate "Who Wore It Better" incident at Thanksgiving. The aforementioned sister and I showed up to my aunt's house wearing the exact same outfit! Same jacket, same color shirt and jeans! Only our accessories differed. I think we both felt like total dorks. I will be sure to wear it only when I know we won't be together.

However, I was in Ann Taylor Loft the day after Christmas and spotted this tank ultra-cheap. I immediately thought about pairing it with purple and gray. The tank has purple, blue, turquoise, grean and white in it - so it has alot of versatility.

Purple cardigan - New York & Company
Multi-colored tank - Ann Taylor Loft
Grey pencil skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Gray tights - Hue
Black booties - Payless
Purple and gold earrings (which you can't see) - Ann Taylor Loft
Gold and diamond necklace - gifted

P.S. I do really need to become more comfortable in front of the camera. I look so stiff!

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