Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Those of you who visit my blog regularly know that I wear alot of clothing from Ann Taylor Loft. The "Loft" has the same classic style as their parent store Ann Taylor at a more reasonable price point and they have incredible sales. Also, their sizing seems more consistent than other stores. Nine times out of 10, I can choose something off the rack in my size and it fits great. If I could only shop in one store, mine would be Ann Taylor Loft.

So, my question to my readers: If you could only shop in one store, which would you choose? Why?

Teal blouse, sweater vest and trousers - Ann Taylor Loft
Silver choker - Lia Sophia
Black & White pendant - deconstructed from a New York & Company necklace
Belt - from a skirt or dress
Silver bracelet - New York & Company
Black peep-toes - Ann Klein


  1. I'm such a trend whore. It would be Forever 21.

  2. Banana Republic for sure...classic clothes, fun sparkly tops during the holidays, pretty dresses, great sales, and their pants come in Long!

  3. It would be a discount outlet like Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls (probably the last one). I often find current items at a huge discount. Yeah, I have to dig through racks and I canot always find the perfect pair of black trousers when I need them, but ah, the gems. I got a Beverley Feldman purse (all leather with hand made flowers) at Marshalls last year for $50 (on her web site for $499 when I bought it).

  4. Cute vest! I would shop at Macy's! I shop in all the different departments in the store currently and can mix and match things to fit my body and style.

  5. It would be Spiegel. Is that considered a store or a catalog? They are cheap, and have a broad range of styles; from boho to office wear.

  6. You look fabulous!

    I love Ann Taylor LOFT, also New York & Co., but I would probably say Macys b/c of the selection.

  7. Lovely outfit... I like to wear trendy and versatile dresses... Banana Republic is best for this kind of stuff!!

  8. Your outfit is really cute! You looks so beautiful.!