Monday, April 27, 2009

Reaping the Benefits

There are many wardrobe bloggers that find fantastic items at thrift stores. I, however, have not been so lucky. I have tried several thrift stores in my area and each time, I leave empty handed. I can pour over racks for hours looking for the "diamond in the rough" in TJ Maxx, but I have not been fruitful in thrift stores.

Thankfully, there are other bloggers out there willing to scour thrift stores and posting their treasured finds on etsy and ebay for others to enjoy. I purchased this dress several weeks ago from Kimberly's etsy store and have been waiting for warm weather to wear it. Now all I need is a tan.

Dress - No tag. Purchased from Kimberly
Belt - Mossimo
Blue wedge sandals - Guess
Pearl necklace and pearl earrings - gifted
Poppy hairclip - Night owl crafts


  1. That dress is so great! When I saw it I was instantly taken with it - so sweet and cute! Now, on to your shoes! Those are killer, lady!

  2. very the shoes